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  • FASTEST WAY TO HAVE FULL, LUSCIOUS EYELASHES: Us ladies are all united in the quest for full, thicker lashes. Thanks to Ardell, these strip lashes are perfect for brunch, coffee dates, on-campus meetups, and daytime beauty looks! Loved by professional makeup artists and regular users, wear these fake eyelashes alone, or with a little liner, and you will have a gorgeous look that opens your eyes, with a tiny touch of extra fullness! Get ready to catch eyes and turn heads with these falsies on!
  • CRISS-CROSSED, FEATHERED AND CURLED: Knotted and feathered by hand for perfect uniformity and absolute comfort. These falsies an outstanding demure look that still makes a major beauty impact. Featuring a crisscrossed, feathery and fluttery style, Ardell’s Baby Wispies in Black faux eyelashes will surely enhance your eyes with a natural flirty look! This gorgeous faux lash design works to deliver soft volume, whilst the longer lashes in the center enhance and open the eyes for flawless finish!
  • LIGHT VOLUME, SHORT LENGTH FALSIES: Ardell’s Baby Wispies in Black is designed where each lash hair is uniquely designed with a denser base which gradually becomes finer at the tip. The moderate volume of these falsies will allow the fake lashes to blend in perfectly with your eyelashes, without looking fake. These strip eyelashes exhibit delicate, natural curls that add length and volume on your natural lashes, giving a little extra thickness and length without being obvious.
  • PREMIUM-GRADE, UNDETECTABLE LASH BAND FOR A SEAMLESS WEAR: Created for completely natural and seamless wear, these false lashes are presented on an invisible band for flawless and comfortable wear. With it’s soft and premium quality hair strands, it will make you feel like it is your lashes while still providing seamlessly blended results for absolute comfort tempting you to want to seize the day and night!
  • VERSATILE FAKE LASHES, COMPLIMENTS ALL EYE SHAPES: These faux strip lashes from Ardell will accentuate all eye shapes beautifully. The construction of these fake eyelashes makes it easier to shape around the wearer’s eye, and the strip and band aren’t stiff as well. Each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand to achieve the highest quality, for a comfortable and more precise application when putting them on! Instantly get beautiful lush lashes with the versatile Ardell’s Baby Wispies!
2. Ardell False Eyelashes Baby Wispies Black  Sometimes just a tiny touch of extra fullness will do. These strip lashes are perfect for brunch, coffee dates, on-campus meetups and so many more daytime beauty looks! Your Go-To Falsies For Any Occasion These premium false lashes from Ardell® creates an eye-opening and fuller look that’s perfect for any occasion. The Ardell’s Baby Wispies in Black will make your eyes appear more alluring than ever before and these falsies will give your eyes the glam vibes that are perfect for stealing the show with this pair on without falling off. It’s versatile enough to be worn on any occasion and easily adds definition to your eyes and enhance them to draw attention to your best features. Free From Harmful Ingredients All of Ardell lashes are 100% cruelty-free. All material of the faux eyelashes is safe to use. Ardell obeys the animal protectionism strictly all the time and will never hurt the animals. Comfortable To Wear, Budget-Friendly The Ardell® Baby Wispies in Black comes in four-packs and fit comfortably in the mid-price range and suitable for all complexions and appearances. The strands are elongated in the center with shorter inner and outer corners, that will add enviable volume and depth to your lash look without being heavy on the eyes and make sure that you’ll get the best out of your purchase! 3. Place the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible and gently press down to secure.

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