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  • 2 PAIRS OF REUSABLE, CONVENIENT FALSIES:  Ardell Deluxe Pack Wispies False Lashes come by two pairs in one pack - Never let the lash shortage stop your party again! Great value for money with its easy application, reasonable price, high-grade quality, and portability. Totally reusable and will last for multiple applications when stored properly. These deluxe packs are complete with soft-touch fake lash applicator plus DUO lash glue so you can achieve the perfect lash look!
  • ARDELL WISPIES, NATURAL-LOOKING FALSIES: Get the closest thing known to natural lashes! The Ardell Wispies in Black. gives you that weightless feel without reducing that natural exploding factor. These delicate faux lashes will lift, enhance, and fill without the weight of full strips. When these blinkers are applied, they will result in a subtle yet vampy lash flick at the outer corner or along the lash line of your eyes. A perfect way to introduce falsies into your makeup bag!
  • FALSE LASHES FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Take your look to the next level with the impressive Ardell Deluxe Pack Wispies. These strip lashes from Ardell are designed for women who desire a truly natural look. A cult-favorite, these fake lashes are very handy and ideal for going out, attracting attention, special events, and are truly your best friends. Have these total of four pairs fake eyelashes in a bundle around and be extremely attractive all day and night.
  • HIGH-QUALITY, LONG WEARING FAKE LASHES: Meticulously made by hand, these sweet and full volume false lashes are soft to touch, it feels like your own and made to be soft like your natural eyelashes. These Ardell Wispies Black are long-wearing and will last without tearing or falling. Use it with Ardell's DUO lash glue and you'll have lashes that won't budge no matter what you do but still easy to remove once you're done. Wear them all night without worrying!
  • CRUELTY-FREE, CLEAR DUO LASH ADHESIVE: Ardell DUO Faux Eyelash adhesive dries clear! Always be red-carpet ready with your glamorous fake lash beauties. This lash glue dries invisible and won’t affect any eye makeup color. With DUO Clear Lash Adhesive you can be sure that your lashes will last all day! Its formula ensures long-lasting wear while remaining gentle for contact wearers and individuals with sensitive eyes. Also, 100 % cruelty-free, never tested on animals. What’s not to love?

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